The Learning Department offers a variety of activities for pupils at Nursery, EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Most schools combine two activities, usually a trail and a workshop, to make a whole day of their visit. Trails include drama and costume to help pupils develop their learning, whilst most workshops allow them to create a piece of artwork to take home at the end of the visit. Find out more below, or contact a member of our Learning team. 

Follow along with our Alban Trail to get a taste of a school trip with us. 

History activities

The story of St Albans starts almost 2000 years ago with the Romans, and we have a number of trails and workshops to explore the different periods of history since then, both on a local and national level. Our trails include topics on Alban & the Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Invaders & Settlers, Pilgrimage and the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Land of the Monks. We have a number of art and craft workshops to accompany these too, including Roman Mosaics, Saxon Food, Tudor Music & Dance, Tudor Food, Medieval Clay Tiles, Illuminated Lettering, Brass Rubbing, Victorian Classroom and Victorian Pastimes.

Roman Festival

Our Roman Festival takes place each January & September

Ideal for Key Stage 2, pupils have the chance to take part in three workshops, as well as meeting our very own Roman Soldier! The main activities include:

- Alban and the Romans: learning about everyday life in the Roman town of Verulamium, including the life of St Alban 

- Roman Food: creating and sampling some wonderful delicacies using ancient Roman recipes

- Artefact Blanket Dig: going back in time from the present, via the Saxons to the Roman period, and having the opportunity to explore and handle various artefacts on the way.

RE activities

The Cathedral is used as a place of Christian worship every day of the year, but why was it built, how is it used and what do Christians believe? Our Signs & Symbols trail, Cathedral as a Place of Worship trail and Celebrations trail explore all of these themes and more in an interactive and engaging way. At Christmas and Easter we also run our seasonal activities to explore these major Christian festivals. We have a number of art and craft workshops to accompany these too, including Stained Glass, Clay Tiles and Brass Rubbing.  

Maths, English and Science

Drawing inspiration from the Cathedral building, we have a number of activities that develop skills in Maths and English. These include Buckets Full of Shape and Colour, Shape & Measure, Maths, Poetry and Creative Writing. In Science, we offer All About Me - Our 5 Senses, and Materials


Why not bring your Key Stage 2 pupils to explore themes from the PSHE Curriculum using the Cathedral’s Labyrinth? Walking the Labyrinth in this awe-inspiring setting is a peaceful and reflective journey, with activity stations along the way to encourage pupils to think about what peace means to them as individuals and what it means to the world.

Art and Craft

The beautiful Cathedral building is full of, and has inspired, art and craft for hundreds of years, and we run a variety of workshops which draw inspiration from this. These include Clay Tiles, Roman Mosaics, Stained Glass, Brass Rubbing and Illuminated Lettering. At the end of each workshop, all children will have produced a piece of art to take back to school with them. 

Worksheet Trails

We also offer a special range of Worksheet Trails, which draws on the expertise of our staff whilst allowing you the chance explore the Cathedral with your pupils at your own pace. Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3, each trail starts with a 30 minute introduction from the Learning Team before you lead your pupils round the Cathedral, completing their worksheet along the way. For more information click here.

An excellent trip, our best ever!

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