The Learning Department offers a variety of history activities for students of all Key Stages and beyond. Most schools combine two activities, usually a trail and a workshop, to make a whole day of their visit. Trails include drama and costume to help pupils explore their given historic period, whilst most workshops allow them to create a piece of artwork to take home at the end of the visit. Find out more below, or contact a member of our Learning team.

Virtual History Video

Every Monday throughout February and into March, we will be uploading a special video short ideal for Key Stage 2 pupils. Featuring fascinating facts and costumed characters from the Roman, Saxon, Medieval, Tudor and Victorian periods this should give every history lesson an extra lift. To watch the videos, please click on the following links: 

Meet a Roman Soldier  

Meet a Saxon Warrior

Meet a Medieval Monk

Meet a Tudor Servant

Meet a Victorian Headmaster


The story of St Albans starts with the Romans, and our Alban & the Romans Trail, Invaders & Settlers Trail and Roman Mosaic Workshop explores this period in more detail, from both a local history and national perspective. 

Saxons & Vikings

It was during the reign of the Saxon King Offa that the first monastery was built in St Albans. Our Saxon Trail, Viking Trail, Invaders & Settlers Trail and Saxon Food Workshop explore the impact of the Saxons and the Vikings on both a local and national level.


The Medieval period saw St Albans flourish as an Abbey and a town, and we offer a number of activities to explore this, including trails on Monastery, Pilgrimage, Dissolution of the Monasteries, War of the Roses and the Peasants Revolt. Complementary workshops include Medieval Clay Tiles, Illuminated Lettering and Brass Rubbing


The reign of the Tudors saw the decline of the Abbey, and their impact can still be seen throughout St Albans today. Our Dissolution of the Monasteries Trail, Wars of the Roses Trail, Tudor Food Workshop and Tudor Music & Dance Workshop help to explore this period. 


It was during the Victorian period that much needed restoration work was done to the Abbey, without which it might not be here today! Our Victorian Classroom and Victorian Pastimes workshops cover the impact that the Victorians had on both children’s schooling and leisure time.

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