The three Peregrine juveniles had fledged their nest successfully during the third week of June 2024 and are now being seen around the Cathedral’s roofs and towers, while their parents are teaching them to hunt. 

They are no longer using the nest tray so the webcam livestream has now been turned off the for the rest of year.

Make sure to read our Peregrine Fact File to understand more about these incredible birds.

Peregrine Fact File

There will be times when the parents will be out of sight but we urge people not to worry about this, as they will be close by to protect the chicks.

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Peregrine Chicks Hatch

At 6am on Tuesday 7 May chick number one hatched. At 10.45am on Tuesday 7 May chick number two hatched. Around 7pm on Wednesday 8 May chick number three hatched. 

First Peregrine Chick Eggs spotted

At 3.53am on Saturday 30 March, the first egg was laid. At 2.16pm on Monday 1 April, the second egg was laid. The third egg was spotted at 6.18am on Thursday 4 April.