Congregational Giving Appeal 2018

A message from the Dean of St Albans:

The Appeal is the time of year when we ask everyone to make a regular donation to support the work of the Cathedral, or for those already giving, to increase their contribution. We, the regular congregation, provide vital income which supports the everyday work and mission of the Cathedral. It keeps the place warm and well lit, contributes to the cost of our two Minor Canons and enables our ministry to young and old alike.

Unfortunately, over recent years we have not had enough money to meet all of those needs, especially to properly maintain the Cathedral grounds and Clergy housing. Behind the scenes many parts of our estate are in a poor condition and in urgent need of repair or replacement. It does not reflect well on us that potential donors are loath to contribute because they perceive us not to be doing those basics. And while we will have superb addition to the Cathedral when the building works are complete next year, we will need to spend more to maintain those facilities and their surrounds.

As a congregation we give on average £12 per week. This is £7 per week lower than the average for the surrounding Deanery area. If we were to raise our average weekly giving to that level, we could do a great deal to reduce the backlog of essential repairs and take preventative measures to make sure we didn’t let some of our buildings get into this state again.

As a start I would like to raise our total giving by an additional £20,000 per year over the next three years by doing three things:

  • For current givers: please consider increasing your current giving. If all those currently giving increased their contribution by at least £5 per month, it would produce an increased income for us of at least £2,500 per month.
  • For those who do not currently give regularly: please consider doing so. It makes your giving to the Cathedral fully automated and makes it easier for us to plan the Cathedral’s finances. A regular contribution of £25 a month - or whatever level you want - from everyone would make a real difference.
  • For those who are not giving by Direct Debit via the new Parish Giving Scheme: please do so. If you are currently giving regularly, for example, by standing order, please think about giving by Direct Debit through this new diocesan giving scheme, as it is both more efficient and allows you to automatically add an inflation uplift if you wish.

Thank you for the generosity you have already shown for the work of the Cathedral. I hope over the next year we can be even more generous. 

Download our Congregational Giving leaflet here.

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