For members of the congregation, giving is essential to support the day to day running of our Cathedral. It is also an important part of Christian faith and commitment.

Congregational giving provides vital income which supports the everyday work and mission of the Cathedral. It keeps the place warm and well lit, contributes to the cost of our two Minor Canons and enables our ministry to young and old alike.

As we face the current challenges of maintaining our mission and ministry in an uncertain future, the support of the congregation is more important than ever. You can share the Dean's message here.

Giving Sunday 2020: The Dean's Sermon

As members of our community, we ask:

  • If you are a member of the congregation: affirm your commitment to our Cathedral community. 
  • Those who do not currently give regularly: please consider doing so. Signing up to give regularly guarantees the Cathedral a reliable income which, with the volatility of our other sources of income at the moment, is essential. A regular contribution of £25 a month - or whatever level you can afford - would make a real difference.
  • Current givers: please consider your current giving. Please increase your giving if you can. If all those currently giving increased their contribution by £10 per month, or 10%, whichever is larger, that would produce an increased income for the Cathedral of at least £3,000 per month.
  • Giving through the Parish Giving Scheme is very easy. The Parish Giving Scheme enables you to make a regular donation by direct debit. PGS can take your instructions over the phone (0333 002 1271). If you want to increase your existing PGS donation you can contact PGS at [email protected]. The scheme allows you to automatically add an annual inflation uplift to your donation. Please use Parish Code 320632001.

If you have questions about your giving, please contact any member of Clergy or the Congregational Giving Team, via the Cathedral office.

Give through the Parish Giving Scheme 

Thank you to all those who support our mission.