From Giotto to Michelangelo, delve into the history of Italian art and architecture.

When | Saturday 15 June, 10.30am - c.3pm

Where | Alban Room  (in-person only)

Cost | £25

Tutor | Dr Valerie Shrimplin, art historian 

Olive groves and cypress trees, peasants and popes, kings and princes, plotting and poisonings, magnificent palaces and highly painted churches – the Medici, Michelangelo and Machiavelli. Such are the images aroused by the Italian Renaissance. This study day will, in three lectures, examine the story of painting in Italy from Giotto and Assisi frescoes of the 1280s, through the Quattrocento (1400s) to the High Renaissance and ending with Michelangelo’s last works up to 1564. Focussing on painting, it will also touch on sculpture and architecture where relevant, and include discussion about the religious, social and economic context of the period.

About Dr Valerie Shrimplin

Dr Valerie Shrimplin has lectured and published on Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance Art and Architecture, as well as more general sixteenth-century history. She has a particular interest in the influence of astronomy and cosmology on art (including her research on a link between Michelangelo and Copernicus). See

Please note that this event will not be recorded.

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