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The ST ALBANS CATHEDRAL MUSIC TRUST (Registered Charity No.1051072) The main aim of the Trust is to build a level of endowment sufficient to fund the day to day cost of St Albans Cathedral’s music and to realise the Trust’s vision for the Cathedral’s musical life.

St Albans Cathedral has much to celebrate as a centre of musical excellence with one of the finest cathedral choirs of boys and men in the country; a girls’ choir, formed in 1995, displaying the same high standard; a distinctive Harrison & Harrison organ; various voluntary choirs and music groups which add further dimension to the Cathedral’s worship; and a regular programme of innovative musical events and concerts. The Trust helps support and develop the Cathedral’s tradition of choral worship and promotes music of the highest quality. Unlike many of the ancient cathedrals, St Albans Cathedral has no historic endowment to support its music and the costs of the choirs and the upkeep of the organs have to be found from operating income.

The Trust’s current vision is to enable and sustain a flourishing and financially secure musical life at the Cathedral encompassing:

  • daily choral services led by the Cathedral Choir or Abbey Girls Choir, with a continuing place for voluntary choirs and music groups;
  • full orchestral works in the liturgical setting on occasions during the year;
  • an organ which is sufficiently expressive and versatile for the Cathedral’s use and for the International Organ Festival, and for the Cathedral’s other instruments to be maintained to the highest standard;
  • high quality musical events with concert appearances by the Cathedral’s own musicians and visiting performers;
  • the sharing of the Cathedral’s musical resources with others through an education programme that encourages more children and young people to get involved in music and music-making, and by visits of the Cathedral’s choirs to participate in services, workshops and concerts in other parish churches;
  • raising an endowment fund of £3m to meet the cost of maintaining the Cathedral’s music and its instruments. 

To turn our vision into reality and to give music in the cathedral the secure future it deserves will require committed financial support. The Trust welcomes donations both large and small from all who value the contribution of choral worship.

How to support the Music Trust

Become a Music Trust Patron

Music Patrons help support the work of the Music Trust, through a £100 annual subscription fee, which seeks to protect and support the Cathedral’s musical heritage and build an endowment for the future. Subscriptions can either be paid by cheque or by annual or monthly standing order.

In practice this means supporting the Cathedral’s choirs, maintaining the Cathedral’s organs, pianos and all music-related costs such as supporting outreach concerts and the popular local Young Musicians Competition.

By becoming a Music Patron, you will be joining over 300 Music Patrons who receive:

- Music Trust newsletters

- Advanced notice of upcoming concerts and events

- An opportunity to apply for preferential seating at the Advent Procession service

- An invitation to attend the annual Music Patron’s Advent Supper


Endow a Day’s Music in perpetuity

Music in worship is at the very heart of the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban. The sound of well trained voices singing some of the most beautiful music ever written can be heard almost every day. This musical tradition began with the chanting of the monks when St Albans was England’s senior Benedictine monastery. It continued with the founding of the Cathedral Choir of boys and men when the Abbey became a Cathedral in 1877 and has developed even further with the addition of the Abbey Girls Choir in 1996.

If you would like to help secure and build on the cathedral’s musical heritage please consider endowing a day’s music in perpetuity. In return for a donation of £7,500 (or £6,000 if gift aid can be claimed) you can choose a date – subject to availability – on which your gift will be recognised by means of a commemorative sign displayed in the Cathedral on the chosen day. It is an ideal way to mark a wedding anniversary, birthday or the life of a loved one.

In addition you will become a Music Patron.


Endow a Chorister or Lay Clerk in perpetuity

In return for a gift of £25,000 (or £20,000 if gift aid can be claimed) or £50,000 (or £40,000 if gift aid can be claimed) this scheme provides the donor with the opportunity to have their name associated, in perpetuity, with a particular chorister's or lay clerk's place in the choirs.

In addition you will become a lifetime Music Patron.



Our restored organ contains over 4,500 pipes. They vary in length from half an inch to a massive 32 feet. The smallest are just as important as the largest. Each plays its own part in producing the glorious mixture of sounds which the organ offers.

Sponsor-A-Pipe operates in the same way. Individual donations combine to cover the cost of the restoration. Single pipe sponsorship ranges from £25 for a small pipe to £300 for the largest pipes. There is also scope to sponsor an entire 'stop' each containing 58 pipes.

You can sponsor a pipe in memory of a departed friend or relative, in thanksgiving for a special event, as an unusual gift, or simply for yourself. Families, schools and groups can help too by sponsoring a pipe jointly.

Donors will:

- Receive a certificate of sponsorship

- Have the name of their choice recorded next to your pipe in our book of donors

- For donations of £100 or more, be enrolled as a patron of the Music Trust and receive the monthly music list, regular newsletters, an invitation to the annual Advent Carol Service followed by supper, and advance notice of Cathedral sponsored concerts

- And for donations of £5,000 or more, have their name included on a plaque to be sited near the organ

 Download the Sponsor-A-Pipe form (PDF)


If you are interested in any of these options,  please contact St Albans Cathedral Music Trust

Tel: 01727 890231 or email


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