Alban, Britain's First Saint

The Alban, Britain's First Saint Project is a transformational project, designed to bring recognition to the heritage of St Albans Cathedral, which sits at the heart of a thriving local community and hosts one of the largest Cathedral congregations in the country.

Our wonderful new facilities will include:

  • welcome centre
  • An educational centre for school children
  • An exhibition area
  • An adult study centre and library 
  • Additional parish and visitor activities 
  • A compelling new presentation of the story of Alban
  • New opportunities for volunteers
  • A wealth of interpretive materials in the Cathedral and its grounds to support guided tours

We are delighted that, after reaching our funding target of £7million, the first phase of the project is now underway.  

At present, there is an archaeological dig being carried out by a team of archaeologists from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust on the proposed site of the new welcome centre. It is hoped that this fascinating exploration will give us a better idea of what exists underground and will ensure that no damage is caused to any archaeology when the new welcome centre is built. 

 For more information and updates on the dig, do visit our Alban, Britain's First Saint blog.


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