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NEW: St Albans and the Tudor Reformations

James G. Clark

2022, 32 pages

ISBN 978-0-9502514-9-3

Price £5.95. Postage and packing £1.75

This is a fascination account of the changing fortunes of St Albans Abbey under the Tudors. It includes the little-told story of Cardinal Wolsey as Abbot in commendam here and a description of the years before the Abbey s dissolution in1539. The effect of the religious changes of this period are clearly shown

St Albans Cathedral Wall Paintings
Professor M. A. Michael
2019 | 80pp | Published by Scala | ISBN 978-1-78551-177-6
Price £10, plus £3.50 for postage and packing.
This new book on the wall paintings was published to coincide with the launch of the project to recreate the four large images in the nave using light projection. Fully illustrated with stunning photography by Angelo Hornak and with new research by Professor Michael, this is a beautiful book which offers a detailed discussion of the individual paintings and sets them in their wider artistic context. The book also includes a short section on the light projection project and discusses how the reconstruction of the nave images was achieved.
St Albans: Cathedral and Abbey
Martin Biddle et al
2nd edition 2015 | 128pp | Published by Scala
ISBN 978-1-85759-976-3
Price £9.95, plus £3.50 for postage and packing.
This lavishly illustrated book tells the story of the Abbey from Alban to the present; from the earliest evidence of Romano-British Christianity to the imposing and much-loved building that we see today, which was raised to cathedral status in 1877. The text, written by experts in their fields, illuminates not only the building and its history but also the story of St Alban and shows how Alban is still commemorated here today.
St Alban and his Shrine
Michael Clasby
2019 | 32pp | ISBN 978-0-9502514-7-9
Price £4.95, plus £1.75 for postage and packing.
The shrine of St Alban is one of the finest examples of a medieval shrine existing in Britain. This book introduces the reader to the story of Alban and the history and spirituality of the shrine dedicated to him.

St Amphibalus and his Shrine

Julia Low and Ailsa Herbert

2021, 32 pages

ISBN  978-0-9602514-8-6

Price £5.50   Postage and packing £1.75

The recent restoration of St Albans Cathedral’s second shrine has attracted much interest. In this book you can find out more about St Amphibalus, and trace the history of his shrine from 1178 to the present. The rationale for the recent restoration is explained. and a detailed account is given of the painstaking restoration process.  There are over 50 photos.

John of Wheathampstead: Renaissance Abbot
Professor James G Clark
2018 | 24pp | ISBN 978-0-9502514-6-2
Price £4.50, plus £1.75 for postage and packing.
Abbot John of Wheathampstead’s grave was discovered during excavations for the new Welcome Centre in 2017. This book, written by a leading authority on the medieval Abbey, summarises Abbot John’s life and achievements and explains why he was one of the greatest medieval abbots of St Albans.
Matthew Paris: Monk and Chronicler of St Albans Abbey
Michael Clasby and Gail Thomas
2015 | 40pp | ISBN 978-0-9506829-9-0
Price £4.50, plus £1.75 for postage and packing.
Matthew Paris is one of the best known monks of St Albans Abbey. A prolific writer who wrote about current events and the history of the Abbey, he was also an artist with a distinctive style as well as an early map-maker.
Christina of Markyate: The Lady of the Psalter
Jane Kelsall
2013 | 28pp | ISBN 978-0-9506829-8-3
Price £4.50, plus £1.75 for postage and packing.
The St Albans Psalter is one of the most beautiful manuscripts created in St Albans Abbey. It was made for Christina of Markyate. This book tells the story of her eventful life – her escape from an enforced marriage and how she became a nun and spiritual advisor to Abbot Geoffrey.
Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester 1381-1447
Jane Kelsall
3rd edition 2013 | 24pp | ISBN 978-0-9506829-6-9
Price £4.95, plus £1.75 for postage and packing.
Humphrey was son, brother and uncle to three kings of England. A frequent visitor to St Albans Abbey and a benefactor, he asked to be buried here. A scholarly man, he gave many books to Oxford University. He was also a soldier who fought at the battle of Agincourt.
The Nave Screen Martyr Statues, St Albans Cathedral
Julia Low and Ailsa Herbert, eds
2016 | 28pp | ISBN 978-0-9506829-0-7
Price £4.50, plus £1.75 for postage and packing.
Seven new statues by Rory Young were installed on the nave screen in 2015. This book explains why the statues were commissioned and tells the stories of the martyrs represented on the screen. It also outlines how the statues were created.
A Short Graffiti Tour of St Albans Abbey
Michael Rose, Gail Thomas and Joyce Wells
3rd edition 2014 | 20pp | ISBN 978-0-9506829-3-8
Price £2.95, plus £1.50 for postage and packing.
This book will guide you on a tour of some of the Cathedral’s most
interesting and accessible graffiti.
The Organs and Musicians of St Albans Cathedral
Andrew Lucas
2009 | 50pp | ISBN 978-0-9502514-5-5
Price £6.95, plus £2.50 for postage and packing.
Drawing extensively on Peter Hurford’s history of the organs of St Albans Abbey, this publication also has much additional and fascinating material, including a chapter on the restoration completed in 2009. Short biographies of many previous Organists and Masters of the Music also feature.

REDUCED ITEMS:  Limited number of copies only available

Images of Alban

Eileen Roberts

1999, 132 pages         ISBN 0-9502514-1-0      Reduced price £5.00   Postage and packing £3.50

The book features images of Alban from earliest times to the present, showing how he has been portrayed in sculpture, stained glass, paintings and icons over the centuries..


Latin Inscriptions in St Albans Abbey

Patrick O’Keeffe

2001, 44 pages         ISBN 0-9506829-7-7                      Reduced price £1.50   Postage and packing £1.75


The Precinct of St Albans Abbey 1539-1999

Frank Kilvington

2000, 32 pages      ISBN 0-950629-5-0     Reduced price £1.50    Postage and packing £1.75


Hugh of Eversden, the Friendly Abbot (1308-27)

By Thomas Walsingham, contemporary chronicler of the Abbey

Translated by David Preest and annotated by Dr Michelle Still

1998, 36 pages        ISBN 0-9506829-2-4      Reduced price £1.50   Postage and packing £1.75 


‘An Astrologian, a Mathematician. A Musitian, and What Not’

John Dunstable and the Alban Motet

Hilary Cork

1997, 12 pages       ISBN 0-9506829-1-6      Reduced price £1.00   Postage and packing £1.00