After a fierce competition among six Hertfordshire locations, St Albans has triumphed, marking a historic milestone for the Cathedral City, with the Cathedral hoping to have secured its place on the board.

The Very Reverend Jo Kelly-Moore, Dean of St Albans, says: “St Albans Cathedral is overjoyed at the successful nomination of our city as the location of the next MONOPOLY game.

“The extraordinary history and vibrancy of this wonderful city will bring this family favourite to life in a new and exciting way.

“We are particularly thrilled that our Cathedral, the home of Alban Britain’s first saint and martyr, is being tipped already to be the Mayfair spot! We can’t wait to play it.”

Featuring over 30 iconic landmarks, the new MONOPOLY: St Albans Edition will offer players a chance to own their favorite spots in the city. From renowned tourist attractions to bustling shopping districts, the board will showcase the best of St Albans. Because St Albans does not have a multitude of main-line train stations to select from like in the original board game, the quartet of train stations from the classic MONOPOLY original will take on a ‘travel’ theme. The Chance and Community Chest cards will be customized as well! For example, one card could send players ‘Back 3 Spaces’ for shopping in Watford rather than St Albans City Centre!

The game is set to hit shelves in October and will be stocked in the Cathedral shop and other retailers, offering a fun-filled experience for residents and visitors alike.

The public is invited to suggest St Albans landmarks to be featured on famous MONOPOLY spaces, as well as the language on the Chance and Community Chest cards. Suggestions can be made in two ways: 1. By email to: [email protected] and 2. Via the official MONOPOLY: St Albans Edition Facebook page. Nominations will be accepted for consideration from 10am on 27th February 2024 until 11.59pm on 10th March 2024.