Tonight, the 9 October 2023, we light the Cathedral for Baby Loss Awareness Week.

The boundary between life and death is a fragile one. For many of those who enter down the path of wanting to start, and grow a family, this may be something they know all too well. There is something wrong about the loss of a child. A loss before their time, before they had lived and grown, and of a lost future and memories.

At 7pm we will hold a special service called Saying Goodbye that acknowledges the pain of loving and losing a baby or child at any stage of pregnancy or in their childhood. This is something that affects more people than we might initially think and so if you would like to come and join us for this quiet and reflective service, then please do come along. All are welcome.

There will be space on the Prayer Board in the Cathedral for the rest of the week for those who would like to further reflect.