Over the last year, St Albans Cathedral has been looking at how best to present itself to both its congregations and its visitors alike. When the designer was appointed, it became clear that the Cathedral means many things to many people, and trying to encapsulate all these sentiments was no small task. However, in talking to members of staff, members of our various congregations, our volunteers and the wider St Albans community, the designer was able to pinpoint some of what is special about St Albans Cathedral.

Below, the Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans Cathedral, explains our new logo and what it means.

“Icons and symbols play a large role in the life of faith because we deal in so much that can’t easily be put into words. Our new icon conveys a remarkable amount in the simplest possible design.

It is distinctively Alban’s cross. He is at the heart of all we do, and it reminds us that the cross of Christ is the power behind Alban’s own martyrdom.

It is an ancient symbol in modern form. We are here to share an age-old faith in ways that can be grasped today.

It also represents a human figure. We aim to show the human face of God in Jesus, and to include everyone in his love.

It is a living figure with open arms. We welcome everyone because God welcomes everyone, whoever they are.

It represents community. We care for one another because God cares for us.

It is a warm, embracing symbol. People come here with their griefs and joys because they feel a warm and loving presence, even if they can’t explain why.

The designer did his research. He listened hard to what people said was distinctive about St Albans Cathedral, pondered how best to convey it, and the icon was the result. I hope you agree that he got it right.”



The new St Albans Cathedral identity was created by The Click, a Norwich based design agency.