During the summer, creche is available for the first part of the service until the peace. This has been, for the last few years, in the Offa Room (previously crypt). From this Sunday, 13 August, we are trialling holding the creche in a bespoke Children’s Area on the North side of the Nave platform, behind the Peace Chapel.

There will be a new carpet there, as well as some new toys and books; the space can either be accessed through the exhibition (which provides a discreet way in and out) or from the main Nave area. This is an area where children of all ages, but particularly pre-schoolers and early years, will be made very welcome. There will be seats for adults, and this will enable them to be engaged in the service as well as looking after young children. An additional advantage is that there will be no need to move during the service – adults and children of all ages may stay there for the whole service.

We hope that this will be a positive move, and will enable a much more appropriate space for children as well as offering adults the opportunity to participate in worship. For the time being, we will continue to book the Offa Room in case there are some for whom this new space is not suitable.