This week we reflect two years on from the first Covid lockdown and also celebrate Wednesday Brownie leader Mary Dobbie being awarded a Girlguiding Hero Award.

Mary ran a wide variety of Zoom meetings, ranging from craft to games to a visit from a zoo! She dropped off resources all round St Albans and Harpenden, managed to put together virtual Promise ceremonies, guide the girls through the completion of a huge amount of badges at home and even ran a virtual Pack Holiday event. She ran face-to-face meetings and a full Pack Holiday as soon as it was safe and the girls' enjoyment was front and centre at all times, while making sure they all felt comfortable and could all take part, whether they were in person, on Zoom or doing activities off-line. Not only this but she was a huge support to the other leaders too - keeping the community spirit going and having that slice of fun and normality in a time that was anything but normal. She was always positive and never let her stress show, even though this much have been an enormous undertaking. 

Mary is such an important part of Brownie and Cathedral life and a true inspiration to everyone. Congratulations Mary.