Margaret Stone, a member of the Cathedral community, recently celebrated her 80th birthday with 200 tiny cakes enjoyed by all at the Cathedral Community Coffee morning. Here, Margaret took the opportunity to launch her latest challenge to raise £800, £100 for each decade of her life for the West Herts Branch of Parkinson’s UK. 

West Herts Branch of Parkinson’s UK provides support for people with Parkinson’s and their families and friends. One way they do this is through subsidising exercise classes and other activities. The benefit for people like Margaret can be life-saving and improves the quality of life for those living with Parkinson's Disease. So Margaret thought the occasion of her 80th birthday was a great opportunity to ask all her friends, family and those in the Cathedral community to “rise to the challenge”!

Members of the Sunday congregations generously gave cash donations totalling £430 and others have donated £355 online via the website: bringing the total to an amazing £785, which is still rising. 

Margaret said that she felt quite overwhelmed and humbled by this generosity and wanted to thank everyone for their support.