Today, on International Biodiversity Day, the Cathedral is reflecting on the incredible success of its Sumpter Yard rewilding project that took place a few year ago. Thanks to the project the biodiversity in the space has flourished.

The rewilding effort has allowed the biodiversity in the space to flourish and has welcomed new plant and insect life to Sumpter Yard.

This year's International Day for Biological Diversity theme is "Be part of the Plan," a call to action for everyone to consider their role in protecting biodiversity. 

The Dean's Alban Devotion this evening will be about this year's theme and looking at what the Cathedral and the community can do. Tune into the devotion on our Facebook page at 7pm tonight.

Watch Alban Devotion

Sumpter Yard serves as a powerful testament to the potential of rewilding efforts. The Cathedral invites everyone to visit this incredible space and witness biodiversity in full bloom throughout the summer months.