We are delighted to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for this year's reimagined fireworks display has reached its initial target of £20,000 and the display will definitely go ahead. 

The doorstep display will be visible from homes across the city from 6pm on Saturday 7 November, without the need for people to leave their homes*. It will also be live streamed on our YouTube channel

The aim now is to raise £30,000, so that The Hospice of St Francis, Youth Talk St Albans as well as our own Covid recovery fund, get the donations they desperately need. Both Lucy Hume from the Hospice of St Francis and David Barker from Youth Talk expressed their gratitude to everyone who has supported the campaign so far and urged people to keep donating so they can continue providing their vital services.

St Albans, our charities need you https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/st-albans-fireworks-look-up-together

*We estimate that 55,000 people will be able to see the fireworks from their homes in St Albans, due to the positioning of the firing sites.