Last night, St Albans Cathedral had its Candlemas Carol Service, casting a warm glow under the watchful eyes of the serene Peace Doves. The ethereal atmosphere was further heightened by the angelic voices of the Cathedral Girls Choir, lending their harmonies to this ancient celebration.

Candlemas, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ and the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, marks the end of the Christmas season. 

Fr Calum, one of the Cathedral's esteemed clergy, contributed to the solemnity of the occasion by reciting a poignant poem penned by the renowned poet Michael Guite - who will himself be leading the Giving Words event under the Peace Doves. This added a thoughtful and introspective layer to the service, inviting attendees to contemplate the deeper meanings of Candlemas.

The choice of the Peace Doves as a backdrop offered a poignant symbolism of hope and peace, accentuating the themes of Candlemas. As light flickered from countless candles, the doves seemed to come alive in the soft glow, resonating with the message of peace that Candlemas carries.

Attendees left the service not only with the lingering melodies of the Girls Choir but also with a renewed sense of tranquility, inspired by the timeless rituals and the harmonious interplay of music and light. The Peace Doves continue to preside over the Cathedral, echoing the enduring spirit of peace and hope beyond the sacred walls.

Photographs all by Toby Shepheard Photography