This year's fireworks display has been reimagined, but we need your help to fund it.

Instead of a ticketed event for thousands of people in Verulamium Park, we took inspiration from New York's approach to this year's 4 July celebrations and are planning an aerial display. This display will be visible from doorsteps across the city, without the need for people to leave their homes*. It will also be live streamed on our YouTube channel

Help us crowdfund £20k and help us continue St Albans' annual tradition. We hope we can raise even more money so that local charities can also benefit from the displays as they have in previous years. If we don't reach our target of £20,000, the display will be cancelled and all the money donated will be returned.

If this crowdfunding campaign is successful, St Albans will have the only known public display in the UK, due to take place on Saturday 7 November at 6pm. Please give what you can to make it happen.

*We estimate that over 50,000 people will be able to see the fireworks from their homes in St Albans, due to the positioning of the firing sites.



When are this year's fireworks?

If we reach our target, the fireworks display will be on Saturday 7 November at 6pm.

Where can I see this year's fireworks?

This year, we're encouraging everyone to watch the fireworks from their own homes, whether that's in your back garden, from a balcony or on YouTube. We have been working with Fantastic Fireworks - who design our annual Fireworks Spectacular - and we estimate that over 50,000 people across the city will be able to see the display. The fireworks will rise 300ft - 400ft above the city. 

Why are you crowdfunding the event?

Normally, ticket sales cover the cost of the event, but this year we can't sell tickets so need to raise the money for the fireworks in a different way.

Who are your nominated charities?

Last year, due to awful weather conditions, our nominated charities missed out as ticket sales were so low. We'd like to make up for this, so we have chosen to support the same charities this year.

The Hospice of St Francis - A charity providing free care for people across Hertfordshire who are managing or recovering from serious illness. 

Youth Talk, St Albans - A confidential counselling service for young people aged 13 - 25, living or working in St Albans and surrounding areas.

St Albans Cathedral - Money raised will go towards the Cathedral's financial recovery from Covid-19.

Photography: Jackiesjaunts Photography