What we do

A place of worship. St Albans Cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese of St Albans and a thriving parish church, serving a congregation of over 1000 people. We are also a place of Pilgrimage throughout the year (in particular the annual Alban Pilgrimage) and an ecumenical hub where services for multiple Christian denominations take place. The Cathedral is also the venue for civic services and special services throughout the year.

A place to visit. Firmly on the tourist map, the Cathedral is a place where locals bring friends and family and  domestic tourists visit as part of their itinerary in the city. International tourists are increasingly visiting as its role in Magna Carta and Britain’s First Saint is promoted more widely. 

A place to learn. The Cathedral's learning team offers trails, workshops, courses, talks and exhibitions for all ages. The Cathedral welcomes approximately 15,000 school children per year and has a growing programme of learning activities for adult learners, from its formal certificate in Christian theology and ancient languages, to diverse subjects such as Faith & Football, Mindfulness, and Art Workshops.

A place to enjoy events. We host events throughout the year and our current plans are expanding the range and appeal of our events programming. Regular events include concerts (from classical to rock); children’s discovery mornings; exhibitions; talks and special tours such as Tower Tours and a candlelit Abbey by Night. We have also hosted film festivals,
fashion shows, literary talks and political debates.

A place to celebrate life’s events, milestones and achievements. Many celebrations take place for all ages and organisations, including the University of Hertfordshire Graduation Ceremonies, the Herts Chamber of Commerce Awards, special anniversary services for charitable organisations and volunteer groups; school awards ceremonies. The Cathedral also regularly hosts baptisms, weddings and funerals.

A place to work and volunteer. There are over 600 volunteers, who work alongside a team of around 30 paid staff,  contributing to the day to day running of the building and its activities.

A partner to work with. We work with a diverse range of organisations, from charities to commercial businesses. We have close ties with the city council and Business Improvement District to help raise the profile of the city and improve the visitor experience; we work with local schools and colleges to offer unique experiences for students; we work with other
tourism destinations, arts organisations, festival organisers, conservation bodies - the list goes on.