Update Monday 6 July

All Ecumenical Services will resume in September.

St Albans Cathedral hosts many different services throughout the year, including those led by chaplains from different Christian denominations. This is known as our Ecumenical Chaplaincy, which comes from our vision of welcoming everyone to worship at the Cathedral. All are welcome to attend these services - you can find the dates and times of each service on our Service and Music list.

The services are hosted at the Cathedral every month are:

Roman Catholic Mass

Every Friday, Mass is celebrated by a Roman Catholic priest, with a regular congregation from local Catholic parishes.

Contact: Fr Harry Turner

01582 965207 or [email protected] 

German Lutheran

This is a monthly Tuesday evening service held in German, in the Lutheran tradition, with a German speaking chaplain and congregation.

Contact: Pastor Bernd Rapp

[email protected]


Free Church

This is a monthly service celebrated with our Free Church chaplain and other ministers, and with a regular congregation from all denominations across St Albans.

Contact: The Rev'd Simon Carver

[email protected] 


The Orthodox Liturgy is celebrated monthly at the Cathedral, with an Orthodox priest and congregation.

Contact: Fr Alban Coombs