Our dynamic and varied Children’s Church groups provide a welcoming and safe place for children from Year 1 upwards at the 9:30am Sunday service. We aim to offer our young people a genuine experience of worship rather than simply teaching. We have groups for age 5-7, 8-10 and 11+ following our own resources. These groups link to what is taking place in the main service and the children return to church in time for the Eucharistic prayer. We meet at the South Transept (just past the shop) before the service and join the procession into church at the start of the service. After the session we sit together at the front of church where we can see what’s happening and join in the worship.

Happy Bags
Bags are available at services where we do not have other children’s provision, such as during holidays and half term. These are tailored to different age groups and offer children quiet and relevant activities for them to make use of during the service.

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