Update *Chick three hatched on Wednesday 8 May at around 7pm*

This morning (Tuesday 7 May), the first chick hatched at 6am, with the second following closely at 10.45am.

Alban and Boudica have captured everyone's interest since they first produced a chick in 2022 and this is the third successive year that their chicks have hatched. In 2022, two eggs were laid but only one female chick hatched. In 2023, the pair, with more experience, produced three male chicks, so this year’s arrivals brings their tally of offspring to six so far. The sexes of the chicks is usually determined when the birds are ringed at three-weeks’ old.

Dean Jo shared her excitement on the day:

As signs of spring are all around us we are delighted to welcome the Peregrine chicks hatched in our nest. Alban and Boudica are part of our Cathedral family now and this third season of their breeding here brings great joy to everyone in St Albans, and much further afield as people from all over the world watch the webcam. Taking good care of our Peregrine family is also part of our Cathedral’s commitment to the environment that surrounds us. Do keep watching our chicks as the grow!

There will be times when the parents will be out of sight but we urge people not to worry about this, as they will be close by to protect the chicks.