Palm Sunday Procession

Sun, 25 March 2018 at 8.00am

8am: Eucharist with the Blessing of Palms at the High Altar
9.30am: Parish Eucharist and Blessing of Palms beginning with procession from the Clock Tower to the Cathedral Nave

Sung by the Parish Singers.

Processional Hymns: 128, 130, 129

Setting: New English Folk Mass

Hymns: 112, 122, 322

Motet: Oh Saviour of the World Goss

Voluntary: Valet will ich dir geben BWV 736 JS Bach

11:15am: Choral Eucharist with Blessing of Palms at the High Altar

Sung by the Cathedral Choir.

Introit: Hosanna to the Son of David Weelkes

Setting: The Mass for five voices Byrd

Gradual: Psalm 31: 9 16

Gospel: The Passion according to St Mark Sanders

Hymns: 12, 112

Motet: O vos omnes Casals

Voluntary: Les Rameaux Langlais

6.30pm: Solemn Evensong sung by the Cathedral Choir in the Quire

Introit: Drop, drop slow tears Walton

Psalm: 80: 1-7

Hymns: 108, 125

Canticles: The Short Service Byrd

Anthem: Civitas sancti tui Byrd

Preacher: The Rt Revd David Wilbourne

Voluntary: Toccata-Prelude on Pange Lungua Bairstow

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