The Bells

Following four decades of fundraising and planning, and the extreme generosity of the bell donors detailed below, 13 new bells were installed in 2010. In particular our thanks go the the Cathedral Trust for their support.

The bells are named after St Alban and the 12 apostles, as follows:

BellNameDate CastBellfounderDonor
Tenor Albanus 2010 Whitechapel Richard and Canon Susan Walduck
11th Petrus 2010 Whitechapel Mr & Mrs Edward Wootton and Mrs Judith Howard DL
10th Jacobus 2010 Whitechapel Anonymous
9th Andreas 2010 Whitechapel Bob & Mary Hardy and Liz & David Hodgskin
8th Ioannes 2010 Whitechapel The Wixamtree Trust
7th Iudas 2010 Whitechapel St Albans Cathedral Society of Change Ringers
6th Simon Zelotes 2010 Whitechapel Hertford County Association of Change Ringers
5th Matthaeus 2010 Whitechapel Mr William Tudor John
4th Mathias 2010 Whitechapel Mr & Mrs Michael Wentworth Stanley
3rd Bartholomaus 2010 Whitechapel Mr & Mrs Kenneth Minton
2nd Jacobus Alphaei 2010 Whitechapel Mr & Mrs Paul Cherry
Treble Thomas 2010 Whitechapel Mr & Mrs Howard Guard
Sharp 2nd Philippus 2010 Whitechapel Edward & Jill Hackford and Family

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