A Sense of Presence: Spirituality and Worship

There is something special about this place. It feels as if somehow the prayer has seeped into the walls. There is a remarkable sense of Presence. It is what the Celts call a ‘thin’ place, where the barrier between this world and the next seems to vanish. 

It doesn’t just affect people who are officially religious. Many people come here who are unsure what they believe, or think they are not religious at all. Yet they still feel the power of the place. Even if they can’t say why, most will light a candle, perhaps in memory of a loved one, or to say thank you, and many leave prayers on our prayer boards.

The place is holy because Alban was executed and buried here around 300 AD. At a time when Christianity was being persecuted, he gave shelter to a priest, and when the army came Alban changed clothes with him, and was sentenced and died instead of him. Ever since then, for the last 1750 years, pilgrims have come to remember his act of courage and generosity, to ask for his prayers, and to worship God.

You can visit at any time of day, but there are many regular services each day too, all of which you are welcome to attend.

This is a good place to explore your spiritual side - or to discover you have one. Nobody will try to convert or to pressure you. The place speaks for itself.  Just come and experience it.

The Very Rev'd Dr Jeffrey John, Dean of St Albans

Banner photo credit: Emma Collins Photography