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"As the earliest truth-teller for whom it cost his life, Alban is one of Britain's greatest witnesses to Jesus" The Archbishop of Canterbury

Alban’s story takes us right back to the beginning of the Christian faith in Britain, but it remains fresh and inspiring for Christians today.

It reminds us of the unbroken continuity of faith in Christ in this land for over 1700 years and sets before us a powerful example of courage, compassion, hospitality and generosity as Alban risks his life to welcome a persecuted stranger. It also reminds us that witnessing as a Christian always comes at a cost.

Alban is honoured as the first British martyr, and his grave (on which the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban was built) quickly became a place of pilgrimage. For over 1700 years, people have journeyed to this place to remember Alban, to pray for peace and healing, and to seek God.

The Alban Pilgrimage is an opportunity to reconnect with that invigorating, enlivening, and transforming passion.

This special day begins with a procession through the city centre, where giant puppets will retell the story of Alban’s martyrdom. It is not only a stunning spectacle; it is a profoundly moving experience.

Find more information about the story of Saint Alban here.

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