Step: School Art Winners Exhibition

Dates: 7th May - 21st May 2014

The Christian charity, Step, has offered creative students in schools across St Albans the opportunity to take part in an inter-school competition, by producing pieces of art around the Christian theme of service.

This exhibition will showcase the artwork created by the three winners and three runners up. Their aim was firstly for students of a wide range of ages and backgrounds to engage with the Bible through a creative medium and to reflect on what the theme of service means to them. Secondly, to create spaces to connect with the wider community of family, friends and teachers, and for each person to gain a better understanding of at least one aspect of Christianity.

It is expected that students taking part will:

  • Have an opportunity to develop and exhibit their artistic skills.
  • Explore how the Bible values service and what this looks like.
  • Deepen their understanding of the Christian faith.
  • Reflect on whom or what cause they might serve and express this creatively.

Come along to and view this display of artwork created by local teenagers. We hope you will feel inspired to think about the idea of service in a creative way also!

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