The Sculptor

Rory Young

Rory Young graduated in Fine Art at Camberwell. A painting tour of the North of England led to specialising in traditional building arts: stone carving, lettering, masonry and plaster work. He was involved in the Lime Revival, teaching and lecturing aesthetics and use of lime in building conservation. 

Designing the new Genesis cycle for the Great West Door of York Minster led to commissions for statuary. He has work in Gloucester Cathedral, Southwell Minster and churches in the Cotswolds.

His current commission at St Albans brings together all his interests: adding to historic buildings, designing sculpture, stone carving, portraiture, hagiography and the history of the Church. 


Some thoughts from the artist:

 "These seven saints represent the Company of Heaven present at worship and joining us in our prayers. Thus, these sculptures are first and foremost devotional images.  I am attempting to depict their inner sanctity as well as their outward appearance.

Good religious art has to function as a ‘work of art’. Thus, formal qualities are paramount: the whole group of figures has to draw in the onlooker by its overall artistic integrity, unity of form, line and distribution of detail."


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