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A warm welcome awaits you and your group at St Albans Cathedral

Visitors and pilgrims will find a place of holiness and calm, an astonishing range of architectural styles, the best collection of medieval wall paintings in the country and a very warm welcome, drawing on the inspiration of Alban and the tradition of the Abbey's own Benedictine monks.  Our expert Cathedral Guides are ready and waiting to introduce your group to the fantastic stories of St Albans Cathedral and tours are often the highlight of any group's visit. The Guides can provide a general tour or tailor content to suit your group's interests. We also offer a full range of specialist tours - see below. 

To ensure you get the most out of your time here, group tours of 6+ must be pre-booked.

Tours can be booked between 10am-2.30pm (weekdays) and 10am-1.30pm (Saturdays) and 1pm-2.30pm (Sundays). Please note that parts of the Cathedral may be closed for special services and events throughout the year. 

We offer tours in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian - please mention language and any other requirements at the first stage of booking so we can do our best to accomodate you. 

Please get in touch to discuss your Group's requirements and to book your visit.

Tel: 01727 890200 or email

Prices start at £7 per person.

For school and student groups, please contact the Education Centre on 01727 890212.

Discover the Cathedral

This is our general tour which will take your group through over 1700 years of history where you will learn about the story of Alban, discovery the incredible architecture, wall paintings, and meet the many fascinating characters who make up the wonderful history of this building. 

Lasts between 60 - 75 minutes and cost £7 per person (£6.50 concessions)


Specialist Tours

Lasts between 60 - 90 minutes and are £9 per person (£8.50 concessions) 

Pilgrimage: Learn about the practice of pilgrimage in the oldest site of Christian pilgrimage in Britain. Find out who St Alban was and learn about the practice of pilgrimage from the earliest times to the present day as revealed in the beautiful medieval Cathedral and Abbey Church. Time your visit around the 22nd June, the annual St Albans Pilgrimage, one of the highlights of the Cathedral year.






Wall Paintings: Discover the story behind the finest set of wall paintings in any medieval cathedral in England. Explore how the paintings were created, their purpose and how they lead visitors on a visual journey to the Shrine of St Alban. 











Tower Tours: Our thrilling tower tour will lead you up 211 steps to the top of the tower for incredible views around Herdfordshire. Along the way you will discover how the abbey survived the War of the Roses, see the 21 bells in our Belfry and enjoy unique views from inside the Cathedral. 




Stained Glass: Discover the beautiful stained glass throughout the cathedral which dates from 1376 to 2006. Hear about a kind and his heirs, a lord who hated stained glass, and the story behind the stunning west window, a moving World War I memorial. 





Architecture: On this tour you will discover all the varying types of architecture within St Albans Cathedral through ten fascinating items from different periods. You will hear stories from over 1000 intriguing years of history in the Abbey and Cathedral 





The Victorian Restoration: This tour highlights the main features of the restoration which took place at St Albans during the period when the Abbey Church became a Cathedral. It is filled with larger than life personalities, including Sir George Gilbert Scott, Lord Grimthorpe and Lord Aldenham, whose contributions and the controversies were the subject of national news in their day! 



Heraldry: St Albans Cathedral has more than 200 coats of arms, from royalty to ordinary townsfolk, depicting families from the last 1000 years. Each of them has a story to tell of the individual, their ancestors and relations, their claims and credentials. You might even find your families! 




The Abbey Precincts: This fascinating outdoor tour reveals a thousand years of history through the surviving buildings from the Norman period up to the prestent day. 






A Tale of Two Screens: Get "up close and personal" to the statues that adorn the cathedral's two magnificent screens. Who are these people? Why were they chosen to decorate the church? And just why were these screens built in the 14th and 15th centuries? Find out how they survived years of destruction and neglect to re-emerge as two of the cathedral's greatest visual highlights. 


From Monastic to Market Town: Exploring the City and Cathedral 
This special tour, run by the St Albans City Guides and the Cathedral Guides, has been devised to offer groups an experience which highlights some of the fascinating history and architecture of St Albans City and the Cathedral. Lasting about 90 minutes (45 minutes for the City and 45 minutes for the Cathedral), the tour starts outside the new St Albans Museum + Gallery in the city centre, and finishes at the Shrine of St Alban inside the Cathedral. Please contact the Cathedral Office for further information on ticket prices and availability.


Any of the tours may be combined with attendance at one of our regular services or a time for group prayer.

You can also book lunch or refreshments at the Abbot's Kitchen.


Recent Feedback 

"The Hitchin U3A Architecture group would like to thank our tour guide and all the staff at the Cathedral for making our visit yesterday a wonderful experience.  We had a very interesting and informative tour of such a beautiful and spiritual building that amazed us at every turn.  A truly architectural delight." Hitchin U3A



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