Thank you to our Alban's Angels


The Alban's Angels appeal invited individuals, schools, groups, and churches to help support the Alban, Britain's First Saint project. By joining and donating £25 or more, their names were written on beautiful hand carved angels and displayed in five separated clouds in the Cathedral’s Crossing. These clouds added to the incredible atmosphere of the Cathedral from June 2015 to February 2016.

The Alban's Angels appeal has now come to an end and we would like to thank everyone who helped make it so successful. With a total of 550 angels donated, together we have raised over £34,000 towards the Alban, Britain’s First Saint project! 



A Huge Thank You Goes to All Our Alban's Angels... 

The Archbishop of Canterbury                                                               

The Countess of Verulam                                                                                 

Thank You Schools!

The Abbey CE VA Primary School

Hillborough Junior School, Luton

Abbot's Hill School, Hemel Hempstead 

Aldenham School

Thank You Companies!

Austin Trueman Associates

Kingston Smith 

G. D. Golding (Tailors) Ltd


St Albans Chamber of Commerce

Thank You Churches!

All Saints with St Peters, Luton

Christ Church, Waltham Cross

King Charles the Martyr, Potters Bar

Little Wymondley Parochial Church, Little Wymondley

St Francis of Assisi Church, Welwyn Garden City

Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Royston

All Saints' Church, Kempston

Parish Church of St James, Biddenham

St Mark's Church, Hitchin

All Saint's Church, Renhold

St Stephens and St Julians, St Albans

St John's Church, Boxmoor

St Clement's Church, Turnford

Christ Church and St John's, Radlett

St James, Goffs Oak

St Marks, Bedford

St Andrew's, Bedford

St Alban’s Church, Warners End & Gadebridge

St Mary's Church, Apsley End

St Faith's Church, Hitchin

St Oswald's, Croxley Green

St Paul's Church, Langleybury

St Mary the Virgin, Rickmansworth

St Mary the Virgin, Maulden, Bedfordshire

St Andrew's, Woodside

St Andrew's Church, Langford

St Mary, Hertingfordbury

St James the Great, Silsoe

St Michael's Church, St Albans

St Michael with St Mary, Letchworth

Holy Trinity, Leverstock Green

The Parish of Abbots Langley

St Andrews, Hertford

The Parish of St Alban, Protomartyr, Romford

Ampthill/ Shefford Deanery

Clapham Parish Church, Bedford

St Mary the Virgin, Baldock

St Paul's Church, Luton 

St Peter's Church, St Albans 

St. Lawrence Church, Bovingdon

St Hugh & St John, Chells, Stevenage

St Augustine's Church, Dunstable 

St Peter's Church, Tewin 

St Alban's Anglican Episcopal Church, Tokyo Japan

St Luke's Church, Watford 

All Saints Church, Datchworth 

St Leonard's Church, Sandridge 

Thank You Clubs and Groups!

Aldenham Womens Institute

St Albans Lions Club

St Albans Art Society

Harpenden Ladies Probus Luncheon Club

St Albans Civic Society 

St Albans 41 Club 

Thank You Everyone!

Abbi-Rose    Prudence Abrahams    Katharine Adlard    Emma Adlard    A.J.J.B.  

Claire Alderson    Gary Alderson    Sharon Allen     Francis Allum    Marion Allum    

BB Anderson    Mary Anderson    Jessica Ashton    Ann Armstrong    Jan Atkinson

 Rt Revd Richard Atkinson   Lauryn Awbrey    Fadeke Ayoola  Jane Ayres    Christine & Roy Bain    

Neil Baker     Teresa Bannister    Ann Banham    Adrian Barker    Louise Barker  

Salli Barker     Julia and Denys Barrett     Christine Barron    Alison Batemen-Jones   

Ros Battersby    Denys Barrett   Ken Barrett    Maree Barrett    Horace Beman  Dr. Tony Bentley    

Brian Benson    Jaqueline Berry       Big Jon     Richard Biggs    Derek & Ann Bird    

Kathleen Margaret Blake     Peter and Rosemary Bladon     Claudia Blair    T and J Blinko      

Julian & Rosalind Booth     Shirley Bolton     Elizabeth Bowles   Michael Bowles     Brigid Brennan     

Sophie Brennan     Isabella Brent       James Brent    Jason  Brimson   Robin and Vicky Brown   

Beatrice Burgess     Edward Burgess      Canon Michael Burns    James Burns    

Linda Burton   Mark Burton   Sally Burton    Johan Butler      Pam & Tony Byfield    

John Cadisch  Madeleine Callaghan     Nikki & Ben Callon    Lizzy Canning    Rosemary Carter 

Jacqui Castiello     Michele Castiello     A Cecil     Charles Cecil     Jean Cecil    

Joanna Chapman    Jenny Charman    Catherine Christian      Eliana Christodoulou    

Rose Chote      Evalyu Clara   Graham Clark    Felicity Clarke   Sylvia Cleary    

Wendy Clements    Hazel Clifton    Sue Colman    Ruth Coles     Mark Comisky    Elizabeth Conrad   

Carol Cooke   Sarah Cooper  Anne Cosimini   Hester Crabbutt     Juliet Crisp     Lesley Crews    

Mick Crews    Abbi-Rose Crook     Irene & Jacques Crozier   DDB    Irene Davies  

Robin Davies    Sarah Dawkins  Richard Dawson   Carolyn Dealey     Pat Defoe    Roger Dennis    

Mary Dobbie    Richard Dockree    Ersida Dogaj      Beryl Dorrington   Maggie Douglas    

Lesley Duggan   Nicholas Edmonds     Susan East    Liza Elliott     Jean Embleton    

Jacqueline England    Bilge Erengul  Clare Evans    Susan Evans   Fr Nevsky Everett    

Jenny Faldon      Brian & Bridget Fernandes     Patricia Flanagan    Elizabeth Fletcher     

Martin Fletcher    For Charlie      For Daddy  TRF     CJF    JCF   CMF     

Annabel Finley-Kensett       Diane Finlayson     Samantha Ford    Richard and Jill Foulger  

Jane Fowler  Alison Gabriel      Michelle Gardner    Anne Gardiner      Mary Gate     Rita Gent    

Nell Green    Marilyn Gillin     Sarah Gillin      James Girdwood   The Gordon Family       

Emma Girdwood   Tanya Gelsems      David Charles Gould    Martin William Gould    Jennifer Graham    

Father Grant    The Gray Family     Stacy Gray      Sir Alexander and Mrs Graham  

 Martin Griffiths  Mr & Mrs Grix      Alban Guri           Khaki-Gore     Janet Goacher

 Abigail Griffith       Karin Groombridge    Honor Guard    Kitty Guard      Rose Guard  

Thirza Guard    Lewis Family   Pauline Hagerman    Jessica Hall    Margaret Hall   Jessica Hallmark 

Philip & Mary Halsey    Jonathan Hamblin   Lorraine Hammond        David Hanns      Catherine Hardwick

Derek and Jenny Harrison    Martin Hawker    Margaret Hebblethwaite    Stuart Henderson      

Virginia Herron      Neill Hewitt     Linda E Hill     Will & Kate Hobhouse      Amber & Arthur Hollebone     

Sarah Hope   Pauline & Richard Horsman     John & Elizabeth Howard    Jo Hudson  Michael & Doris Hughes     

Margaret Humphrey      Richard & Elizabeth Hunt     Peter & Pat Hurford     Hazel Ireson    

Sarah Jenkins     Alex Johnson    Thomas Johnson Rix    Edward Johnson Rix    Robert Johnson Rix  

 Rachel Jackson     Judith James     Teresa Janes    Jeffrey John    Elizabeth Jones    Gemma Jones    

Jennifer Jones    Patricia Jones    Rita Jones    Terry & Louisa Jones     Trevor Jones   Robin Jopson   

Anna Jordan    Linda Jordan     Christine Juett    Quentin Keeling     Sarah Keeling  Sue Keeling  Chris Keane  

Pamela Kelly     David Kemp    Mary Kenward    Stephanie Kyriacou    Laura L  

Tracy Lay    Maureen Lacey      Doug & Sandy Leedham      Stuart Lewis     Bridget Lewis  

Emma Ling     The Low Family    Nikki Lewis Photography    Emma Ling    Xen Lu    Janet Lynch  

Carolyn Manley-Cooper     Patricia Martin    Will & Ina Martin     Matilda    Alison Matthews   Gill Matthews    

Ann McCormac   V McKinnon    Patricia McManus    Marcus & Ikumi     James Maxwell  

Pat Maziane    Sheila McGuire   G C & A McMahon    Mum & Sister    Janet and Greville Megson  

Christopher & Susie Melluish   Naomi Message    Robin Message    

Scarlett and Matilda Miller     Miriam   James & Kathleen Mitchell    Valerie & David Moor    

Richard Morgan    Julie Morrey       Sue Morrison     Berit Muller-Pebody    The Muller-Pebody Family   

Francid Needham      Evelyn Needham      Lena Nevers    Joyce Newman    Laura Newson     

Christopher Nickolds      Ben Noices    Angela North   Eleanor Nuttall    David & Heather Nye    

Rosalie O'Brien    Lisa Ogarro     Eamonn O'Malley     Melanie O'Neill  Judith Orrell    Gill O'Sullivan    

Barbara Ouston    Andreas & Maritsa Papamichael    Pamela & Trish     Kate Charlotte    

Glen Parsons     Susanne Parsons      Marie Parry (28/12/83 to 05/01/14)    Pauline    Audrey Palmer    

Patellis     Amanda Payne    Dorothy Pears    Sue Pegg    Donald Pelmear     

Gillian Peters      John W Peters     Jean Peyton   The Pisharody Family    Luy-Violet Pittam    

Steve & Jean Potter      Tony Prior      Grace Protts    Tessa Pyke     The Rainey Family, Australia    

Caroline Randall     John Randall      Karen Randall    David Ratcliffe     Stephanie Rebold    Elaine Reed    

Shania Reed    Edit Rees      Rodi Resch   Jonathan Reynolds      John & Pauline Ridgwell     

Louisa Ringrose      Valeria Riso    Canon Bill Ritson      Wilhelmina & Charles Rix    

Wilma Rix   John Rix    Michael and Sophia Rock    Jane Robson   Claire Robinson      Elizabeth Robinson    

Roberts Family     Helen Roberts      Uli Robertson    Pamela Roome      Martin Rogers   Liz Rose    

The Rose Fellowship    Rosewell Family    Mags Ross    Susan Rouse   Maria Ryan-Datton      S&K    Olive Salt    

Adele & Thomas Sammons    Morao Saunders    Robert Saunders      Scarlett    Geoffrey Seabrook    

Pamela Seabrook    Sandra Searle     Janet Sexton    Mary Shimell      Heather Smith & Robert Raine      

Janice Spalding    Lucy Sidwell     Julia Smith      Janet Susan Stocks    Margaret Stone    

Clare & Ed Sutton     Pauline Sweetingham     The Tabraham-Johnson Family  

 Christopher Talbot-Ponsonby    Hanna Tarnowski      Alex Tarnowski      Laura Tarnowski      

Charlotte Tarnowski    Isabella Taylor   Sara Kate Taylor     Carmen Thomas    

Robert Thomson     David Thompson      Jo Throup     Annemarie Timmers      Teun Timmers    

Ties Timmers      Jane Tipler    Sue Tomson      Nicholas and Meriel Tufton   Jackie and Hannah Turberville  

 Penny Turnbull    Patricia Turner    Antony Unwin       Lawrence Verney    Silvia Vitiello   

Richard and Susie Walduck      Carolyn Walker     The Ward Family    David Warner     

June Warner    Liz Warren    John Wathen       Nora Watson    Howard Watts       

John & Jacquie Webb    Anthony Weber     Dawn Wheeler    John Wheeler      James Wheeler    

Margaret Wheeler       Poppy Lily White   Matthew Whitehead Roberts      Leah Wildman      

Alison Wilson       Ray Wilson    John Wood   Antony Woodall     Elizabeth Woolley       Matthew Wratham    

Amy Wren     Angela York    Ian & Alison Young 







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