We are often very conscious of our physical health. We have the chance for health check-ups at the GP; we can get fitness tests at the gym. As people of faith, our spiritual health is something we should take seriously too, but often we don’t have much opportunity to think about our faith and prayer life, or talk through any issues we might have.

This Lent, we are again offering members of the Cathedral congregations the opportunity for a ‘spiritual MOT’. This is a meeting lasting about 45 minutes with a member of the ministry team, in which you can explore your spiritual journey and discuss its joys and challenges. In no way is it a test of your knowledge or holiness!

Please note: the conversation will be in complete confidence between you and the person you see.

To take up this opportunity, please complete the right hand side of this leaflet below and return it by Sunday 18 February, or as soon as possible after that date.

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