St Albans Cathedral to feature across the BBC this Easter

As the season of Lent draws to a close, St Albans Cathedral is preparing for the celebration of Easter on Sunday 1st April and this year, the Cathedral will be the focus of a number of television and radio broadcasts across the BBC.

The Cathedral will be featured on BBC One’s Songs of Praise at 4.30pm on Sunday 25th March, as the focus of their Palm Sunday episode. The episode will shine a spotlight on some of the Easter traditions the Cathedral continues to this day. Stories told include the history of the Alban Bun – the original Hot Cross Bun – and the ingredients behind them, the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday and the relevance of the statues in the Cathedral’s nave.

On Easter Day – Sunday 1st April – the Sunday morning Eucharist will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 4. In the afternoon, BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting Evensong sung by the Cathedral Choir and the Abbey Girls Choir.

Speaking of the Holy Week and the Easter season, the Canon Chancellor, Kevin Walton, said “this is the most poignant and dramatic part of the Christian year as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. We look forward to welcoming all who wish to share with us.”

The Alban Bun is on sale in the Abbot’s Kitchen and Cathedral Shop until Easter Monday. For more information about any of the services taking place at St Albans Cathedral this Easter, see here.

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