St Albans Cathedral Treasure Hunt Launched

Wed, 22 May 2013

Visitors to St Albans Cathedral can now enjoy a fun and rewarding treasure hunt and tour via their smartphones.

Launched for the Bank Holiday weekend, the Huntzz St Albans Cathedral Treasure Hunt provides information packed entertainment for both children and adults.

Who built the Cathedral? Who exactly was Saint Alban? Why was he martyred? Visitors discover the answers and learn fascinating facts as they follow a series of clues and collect virtual gold coins around this historic building. With two difficulty settings, the hunt is great fun for all.

The St Albans Cathedral Treasure Hunt costs £1.49. The Huntzz app is free to install. As well as the new tour at St Albans Cathedral, there are hunts to enjoy throughout the UK and beyond. The app also enables anyone to create their very own hunt to share with others!

Click here to find out more and download the St Albans Cathedral Treasure Hunt.


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