Current Schedule (girls)

The Abbey Girls Choir has a busy weekly schedule. Exceptions are listed in the termly choir diary, which is issued to parents towards the end of the previous term, and which includes details of the occasional weekend and special services and a list of advance dates. A choir handbook is issued to all new choir parents and is updated periodically. Parents are asked to put choir commitments first and to avoid absences in all but exceptional circumstances, and the Cathedral recognises the tremendous commitment that parents make to the smooth-running of the choir.

The current schedule is: 


Rehearsal 6.30pm – 7.30pm   NB Probationers do not attend this rehearsal until they have become full choristers

Wednesday & Friday

Rehearsal 7.35am – 8.20am

Rehearsal 4.00pm – 4.55pm, followed straight away by

Evensong at 5.00pm, ending at 5.45pm

At the moment, there is at least one full weekend of three services (over Saturday & Sunday) each term, plus occasional other weekend services, and extra services at busy times such as Christmas and Easter. 

Social activities

A regular series of events through the year is organised for the girls and their parents. This has included Christmas and end of year receptions, trips ice-skating and bowling, a summer day-trip to Brighton and visits to the Harry Potter studio tour.

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