How Can I Forgive Myself?

Mon, 29 January 2018

Is self-forgiveness possible? Why does forgiving ourselves sometimes seem far more difficult than forgiving others? This talk will draw on sources from philosophy, theology, literature, and real-life memoirs to explore the topic of self-forgiveness, showing its links to such characteristics as humility, pride, and self-respect. Amongst the questions to be explored are whether it is ever legitimate to forgive yourself before the person you have wronged has forgiven you, and whether self-forgiveness needs to involve eradicating self-blame and self-reproach, or merely diminishing the power they hold over us.

Tutor: Prof. John Lippitt, Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion, University of Hertfordshire

Venue:  Diocesan Board Room, Holywell Lodge

Date:  Monday 29th January, 2018                       

Time:  7.30pm - c. 9.00pm                                       

Cost:  £10

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