Eleanor Longshanks

***We are very sorry to announce that this event will no longer be taking place. We are working to create a new event to take its place, though, so watch this space!***


Be transported back to medieval St Albans and the court of King Arthur as we weave together the history of Queen Eleanor of Castille and a legend of Camelot. In 1290 Eleanor died in Lincoln, and her heartbroken husband Edward I erected 12 monuments in her honour stretching from Lincoln to Westminster, including St Albans. Enter Edward and Eleanor’s world through the ancient art of storytelling, seeing the contradictory and glorious powerhouse that she was; mother, lover, bookworm, huntress, crusader, and chess champion.

Produced by Sue Macmillan and Hannah McDowall.

Venue:  Lady Chapel, St Albans Cathedral

Date:  Saturday 3rd March 2018                       

Time:  7.30pm - c. 9.00pm                                       

Cost:  £12.50

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