New Testament Greek Summer School

New Testament Greek for beginners, post-beginners, and intermediate

The first week is for those with no experience of the language; the second is for those with existing beginners' level New Testament Greek; the third is for those with existing post-beginners' level.  Students may take any or all weeks.  

Dates:  Week 1 (beginners):  Monday 31 July - Friday 4 August

              Week 2 (post-beginners):  Monday 7 August - Friday 11 August

              Week 3 (intermediate):  Monday 14 August - Friday 18 August

Time:  10.00am-4.00pm                     

Cost:  £140/week.  Students will also be expected to purchase a text book: (Duff, 2010) Elements of New Testament Greek).

Venue:  Thicknesse Room, The Deanery, St Albans Cathedral

Tutor:  Dr Gill Knight, University of Reading

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