Thinking Musically About Advent

Sat, 9 December 2017

How does music ‘work’?  How might its ways of working help us to do good theology and ‘wait well’ during Advent?  We will explore these questions in two ways.  First, we will think about the special ‘space’ created by simultaneously sounding musical tones.  This experience can help us to think carefully about the Incarnation and Trinity.  Second, we will listen to musical extracts.  Paying attention to musical structure can teach us much about how to wait hopefully for the birth of Christ. 

Participants only need open ears; no musical knowledge is required and all technical terms will be clearly explained.

Tutor: Dr Imogen Adkins, Tutor of Theology and Musicology, Cambridge University

Venue: Chapter Room, The Deanery, St Albans Cathedral

Date: Saturday 9th December 2017

Time: 10.30am-3.30pm                         

Cost: £25

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