The Historical Jesus and Inner Life

Sat, 10 February 2018

One of the settled results of Biblical scholarship on the New Testament is that Jesus was distinctively interested in inner life. He taught his disciples to pray privately, to watch intentions more than actions, and to find the kingdom of God ‘within’, not in an anticipated social revolution. It led to Christianity introducing elements of experience that we now routinely take to be part of being an individual, from free will to the value of confession.

So what might this mean for us and Christianity today? What might it have to say to a world that is also interested in the individual, though some say in excess? This workshop will attempt to glimpse and apply an historical side to Jesus that can still surprise us.

Tutor: Dr Mark Vernon, Writer, Teacher and Psychotherapist

Venue:  Chapter Room, The Deanery

Date:  Saturday 10th February 2018                        

Time:  10.00am-3:30pm

Cost:  £25

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