‘In the manner of smoke’: Leonardo, Art and Faith

Sat, 3 March 2018

Leonardo da Vinci produced some of the most compelling images in the history of Christian art, yet it is often taken for granted that this multi-talented genius was not a man of faith.

This study day explores each of Leonardo’s surviving, overtly Christian works in detail, exploring their meaning and setting them in context. The picture which is revealed is of an artist of profound religious sensibility rooted in both scientific rationality and a deep awareness of the human condition: a man who embodied a unity of vision which has arguably been lost in our own age. Artist, scientist, anatomist, cartographer, musician, engineer, yes, and more besides; but also, and ever, a theologian.

Tutor: The Rev'd Iain Lane, Tutor in Theology and the Visual Arts

Venue: Diocesan Board Room, Holywell Lodge, St Albans

Date:  Saturday 3rd March 2018                        

Time:  10.30am-3:30pm

Cost:  £25

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