Science and Faith

Thu, 2 November 2017

Science and Christianity have done more to shape our understanding of the world, and the way we live, than any other cultural and intellectual movements. Yet together they raise profound questions. Does science demolish faith or deepen it? How can a serious scientist be a committed Christian? How should we understand the Big Bang, evolution, miracles, God and ourselves? We will look at these questions, and others, from theological, scientific, historical and philosophical perspectives. This is an introductory, yet thought-provoking, course aimed primarily at those new to this area. Taught by Canon Tim Bull, who holds two PhDs: one in computer science and the other in theology.

This module may be taken independently, or as a 10 credit core module (with assessment) of  SACT or SACT+.

Tutor:  The Revd Dr Tim Bull, Residential Canon of St Albans Cathedral

Cost:  £60

Venue:  Chapter Room, The Deanery, St Albans Cathedral

Dates:  Thursday 2 - 30 November

Doors open:  7.45pm

Start time:  8.00pm

End time:  9.45pm

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