Mindfulness Spring 2018

So what is Mindfulness?

‘A particular way of paying attention: on purpose, moment to moment and without judgement’

There are many reasons why you might choose to participate in an 8-week Mindfulness course

You might:

  • be curious as to what Mindfulness is, having heard about it in the media
  • know someone who has attended a course and felt they benefitted from it and wonder how you might also benefit
  • be at a crossroad in your life and want to take stock of where you are and how you might proceed to the next phase of your life
  • be living life fast and fully, but would like to learn some strategies to manage the pressure differently
  • be aware that you are drinking or eating more than you would like and want to learn strategies to manage the triggers for this differently
  • have a health issue which you feel could benefit from practising Mindfulness 

Committing to practising Mindfulness during the 8-week course gives you permission to take time to really check in with yourself.  Learning to be aware of and acknowledging how you are in any one moment, (whether stressed, relaxed, planning for the future or replaying the tapes of the past) is a skill that can improve and enhance all aspects of our lives.

Interrupt times of difficulty, whether at home or work, dealing with aged parents, children or colleagues, by becoming present. Recognise when reacting automatically and begin to learn to respond more skilfully.

This is an opportunity to become more aware of how life is unfolding and the way we approach that. We practise becoming present, learning how to do and be that, in a safe and nurturing space. We do this both in periods of quiet meditation practise in sitting, standing and lying and through gentle yoga and qi gong exercises. You will be given CDs so you can practise these at home, feeding back and sharing experiences with fellow participants each week.

Yet fun is to be had here too, as learning how to meet life as it presents itself has its funny side!

Take a look at our blog post: 'What is this thing called Mindfulness?'

This course has a separate application system. Please email us for an application form. Bookings must be received by 10 January.

Tutor:  Caroline Waterstone, Mindfulness Teacher 

Cost:  £170 (inc CD set)

Venue:  The Studio, Sumpter Yard, St Albans Cathedral

Dates:  Wednesdays 17 January - 14 March (excluding 14 February) and Saturday 3 March (full day) 

Doors open:  7.30pm

Start time:  7.45pm

End time:  9.45pm (approximately)  

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