Anglo-Saxon Literature: Pagan or Christian?

Wed, 10 January 2018

Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Pagan Germanic tribes full of proud boasts, eager for glory and fame? Or pious Christians famed for writing Saints’ Lives, reforming the monasteries, and becoming some of our earliest martyrs? The truth is that these descriptions are intertwined, and we can see the fusion (and sometimes conflict) between the pagan and the Christian in their literature.

In this 5-week course, we explore themes of creation, heroics, reflection, and wisdom in Anglo-Saxon poetry and prose to explore the faith of the people who wrote it.

All texts will be in translation. 

This module may be taken independently, or as a 10 credit core module (with assessment) of  SACT or SACT+.

Tutor:  Caroline Godden, Adult Learning Officer

Cost:  £60

Venue: Chapter Room, The Deanery, St Albans Cathedral

Dates:  Wednesdays 10 Jan - 7 Feb 2018

Doors open:  7.45pm

Start time:  8.00pm

End time:  9.45pm

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