Workshops for EYFS

Can Buildings Speak?

FS: Expressive arts & design
FS: Understanding the world

The Cathedral is alive with shapes, patterns and textures. The pupils explore these throughout the building recording their observations through sketches and rubbings, using a variety of drawing materials. These ideas are then used as the stimulus for a clay tile workshop. This enables the pupils to draw on their first hand observations and to interpret the shapes and patterns they have found around the building.

The designs the children produce could be used as the basis for a longer project back at school including discussions about how this particular building 'speaks' to its visitors.

'Can Buildings Speak?' works very well when combined with a 'Signs and Symbols' trail. This involves the children becoming detectives, tracking down Christian Symbols around the building and considering their significance and meaning.


Stained Glass Windows

FS: Expressive arts and design
FS: Understanding the world

St Albans Cathedral is full of beautiful Stained Glass Windows, from the magnificent Rose Window to the wonderful recount of the Nativity in the Lady Chapel. To start their workshop the children will explore 3 or 4 windows in the Cathedral, considering their shapes, patterns and colours, before using colour acetate to design and make their own window design to take back to school.


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