Magna Carta

To tie in with the Magna Carta exhibition held at St Albans Cathedral over the summer, the Education Centre is pleased to announce that it will be offering 2 new themed activities to schools - the Magna Carta Trail and the Magna Carta Workshop.

Magna Carta Trail: The children discover what the monastery was like here in St Albans in medieval times. Each child becomes a monk and has a different role to play in the running and organisation of the monastery. They meet with the disgruntled Barons as part of their chapter meeting, before processing to the shrine for guidance on how to deal with the problems at hand.

Magna Carta Workshop: The children discover how the medieval monks made paper, pens and coloured inks. Dressed as monks working in the medieval scriptorium, the children will explore the development of beautiful styles of writing and decoration over the centuries. They will rewrite part of the Magna Carta and produce their own illuminated letter.

To find out more or to book a place for your school, please call the Education Centre on 01727 890212.

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