Exhibiting over 14 paintings, as well as sculptures and videos, Peter Walker's work adorns towns and cities nationally and internationally. This exhibition takes a look at the contemporary interpretation of the Journey to the Cross, including new and innovate ways and means of exploring the suffrage, hope and message behind each of the traditional stages of the journey of Christ to the Cross, as well as the resurrection. Incorporating painting, sculpture, and audiovisual/projection artwork, the exhibition was designed as though walking through the artists studio and allowing the visitor to fell as though they are seeing the artworks develop. 

What does a visit to the exhibition include? 

Suitable for upper Key Stage 2 and Secondary pupils and led by the Cathedral Artist in Residence, schools can book a special 90 minute workshop centred around the exhibition. The workshop would include:

- a guided tour of the exhibition

- a comparative look at the Cathedrals artwork, including the medieval wall paintings

- an opportunity for children to respond artistically to the exhibition

Shorter, self-guided sessions are also available.

What do people say about us? 

Sandford Assessor - June 2018:

The programmes offered by the talented and experienced Education Team are outstanding. Teachers organising a school visit here can be confident that their pupils will be totally engaged and inspired

Contact us

To find out more or to make a booking, please contact us on 01727 890212 or at [email protected]