'Peace Doves’ is a large-scale art installation created by Sculptor, Peter Walker .  The installation is made from approximately 15000 hanging paper doves which will be at St Albans Cathedral from 8 January – 12 February 2024.

Lit and set to music by Composer David Harper, this atmospheric piece of artwork has been designed to involve mass community participation. 

School participation 

In preparation for the installation, schools are invited to participate by writing a message of Peace, Love and Hope on to a paper dove which will join the thousands of doves that will hang in the installation.  This can be done by schools when they are visiting or we can arrange for local schools to receive some doves to complete.

We are also offering ‘peace packs’ which have been formulated by Peter Walker and can be sent over to schools so that your pupils can create a display of hope, peace and creativity in your school.   This could tie in with different times of the school calendar including Remembrance Day and Christmas.  We would then love for schools to send us photographs of the work carried out in your school so these can be displayed alongside the dove installation in January 2024.

Well-being days

Whilst St Albans Cathedral is hosting this amazing installation we would like to offer schools the opportunity to come to the Cathedral to participate in our specially formed ‘Peace and Well -being days.’

The day would consist of walking our labyrinth with activity stations, considering what is peace and taking part in mindful Yoga sessions underneath the installation.

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