Join Alex Rowe (University of Durham) online via Zoom on Tuesdays 9 November to 7 December, 7.30-c9.15pm, for this five week course which offers a thematic introduction to John.

Each week we will read the Gospel through the lens of one or two themes. The Gospel of John, the so-called ‘spiritual gospel,’ at once intrigues and baffles. Its simple and poetic language belies its rich complexity. The overall aim is to be equipped with knowledge and skills to read with greater literary and theological sophistication, so that by the end of the five weeks each of us will have a deepened personal appreciation of the Gospel of John as Christian Scripture. 

This course can be taken as part of the Certificate in Theology, or Certificate in Theology Plus. Essay information will be provided once the course has started.  Please note you can enjoy the course without doing an essay for SACT. 

Cost: £70

About Alex Rowe

Alex is a PhD student & Teaching Assistant in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University.  Research interests include New Testament, Early Judaism and early Christianity, Theological Interpretation of Scripture, Biblical Hermeneutics

Full course information and access will be emailed prior to the course starting. 

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