Join us as we travel back in time and bring to life the arguments between two charismatic individuals.

St Augustine of Hippo, one of Christianity’s most influential thinkers, wrote of Original Sin: the concept that we are all born sinful with a built-in urge to do bad things, and receive salvation only through God’s grace. It is an important doctrine within the Church and has had a long-lasting influence on European culture.

Pelagius, a British contemporary to Augustine, disagreed. He argued that we are born good as part of God’s Creation, and that Free Will gives us the choice of how to behave. For him, salvation could be achieved through our own behaviour. He had a wide following – including in fifth-century St Albans.

Join us as we travel back in time to the fourth century CE when the early Church was hammering out its doctrines, and bring to life the arguments between these two charismatic individuals. Pelagius and Augustine will share their arguments, and the audience is encouraged to join in the action. Expect a rowdy and no-holds-barred debate from this passionate pair!

Please note this event is in-person only and will  not be recorded.

When | Thursday 27 July 2023, 7.30-c.9pm

Where | St Albans Cathedral 

Cost | £10 (£6 students)

Speakers| Prof. Tim Boatswain and Stephen De Silva

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Please note that this event will not be recorded.